A merican Capital Ventures, Inc. (ACV) was founded in 1999 to provide investor relations, financial marketing, and advisory services to help public companies in the small-cap and micro-cap market reach a fair market valuation.  There are many well managed small-cap and micro-cap companies with high growth potential that have difficulty in conveying their unique opportunity to the right people and building their visibility in the market.  We take a hands-on, proactive approach with these companies. In addition to providing investor relations services such as shareholder targeting and outreach, we help our clients identify obstacles to growth and provide sound advice on how best to overcome those obstacles; we assist in optimizing our client’s image and financial marketing tools; and in conjunction with management, we execute effective tactics to not only thoughtfully increase our client’s visibility in the market, but also to unlock value for their shareholders and to sustain their value long term.


To support companies in optimizing their investor relations initiatives and to help in identifying obstacles to growth and finding practical solutions to overcoming those obstacles. To collaborate with management on the execution of uniquely-tailored outreach strategies and proactive communication tools designed to bolster shareholder support, increase shareholder value and help the company achieve a proper valuation on their stock.
Our approach is simple and direct. We look at each company and their image as a public company in detail and from all angles. Based on our experience within the micro- and small-cap industry, we are able to identify a company’s obstacles to growth within the market and together with management, put sound outreach and communication strategies in place to proactively overcome these obstacles and enhance their public image.

Howard Gostfrand, President

Howard Gostfrand

Howard Gostfrand has been involved in the financial industry for over 19 years, and through it, developed strong, lasting ties with the investment community. As President and Founder of American Capital Ventures, Mr. Gostfrand has worked closely with public companies of various market capitalizations and diversified industries both domestic and international. His expertise lies in consulting and guiding micro- and small-cap companies to reach their full valuation through implemented corporate strategy, investor outreach, financial marketing initiatives and raising capital. He has assisted companies in raising in excess of $100 million since his career began.

Prior to founding ACV, he was a retail stock broker focused on small-cap companies, having worked in New York City, Washington D.C. and Miami. Mr. Gostfrand also founded Virtual Trading, Inc., a day trading firm which was then acquired by a publicly traded brokerage firm. Mr. Gostfrand has been a guest speaker at industry events and interviewed as an expert for IR specific financial publications. He is a member of the ‘Young Presidents Club of Mount Sinai Hospital’ in Miami Beach and involved in several charities. Mr. Gostfrand holds a B.S. in Marketing from Boston University. He is married with two children.


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Investor Relations

Whatever critical investor relations or communication issues a company might face, ACV has the energy, acumen, experience and creative thinking to provide sound advice and the best solutions for the company and its shareholders. Every public company is varied in resources, growth stages and challenges and as such, we offer a comprehensive suite of results driven IR services that can be applied to each company’s precise needs. This scalable, modular approach empowers our clients to avail of years of our capital markets and corporate communications experience on a cost-effective basis.


We act as an intermediary between our client and investors, potential investors, analysts, brokers, investment bankers and the like. We respond to investor calls, emails and specific requests on a daily basis. This allows management to focus on building and growing their core business, while enabling us to get the right message out to the right financial contacts and showcase the Company’s unique opportunity to the market.
Our proprietary database tracks the investment criteria of hundreds of institutions and funds, changes in their holdings, as well as the performance of the industry and our client’s peers. Through this and our extensive database of contacts and relationships within the micro- and small-cap market, we are able to keep our clients apprised of active movers in the sector and better able to target the appropriate funds, institutions, and analysts from the get-go. Targets are identified by metrics such as investment style, investment criteria, peer holdings, sector weightings, as well as their propensity for buying in the space.

Investor Road Shows

Meeting investors and potential investors one-on-one is a vital and important part of a company’s investor relations efforts. We have developed relationships with many institutional investors, brokers and high-net worth individual investors throughout the country which we reach out to for meetings on behalf of our clients. In addition, for every client, we perform an in-depth analysis of institutions that have positions in peer companies and target them directly for meetings. We also arrange for group luncheons of brokers and investors where management can present its story. All participants are pre-screened and given a presentation before attending any meetings with management. Most investor road shows take place in major cities such as NYC, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and much more.

Industry Conferences

Industry conference participation can really improve the visibility of a company. We work with both institutionally and commercially sponsored industry conferences to secure our client’s attendance or presentation. Institutional and high net worth individual investor conferences have proven to be a cost effective way to reach a lot of investors in one shot. We always recommend maximizing these speaking engagements with important press announcements which are timed accordingly and also by scheduling 1×1 meetings surrounding the conference.

Company Events

Company events such as Shareholder Meetings and Meet & Greets with Management are a vital tool in building trust with your investors. Face to face, you are able to update them on what’s happening with the company, where the company is now and where the company is headed. It is also a great opportunity to hear investor thoughts, concerns and issues, and help address them in a direct and informative way. We assist management in the logistics of these events as well as presentation materials and underlying tone.

We provide comprehensive earnings support to our clients throughout quarterly and annual earnings time, including assistance with the earnings press release. In addition, should our client choose to conduct a conference call for investors, we provide consult on the announcement, script and call logistics.
We perform a comprehensive audit of the all major financial sites across the web (ex: Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance) and determine the accuracy of the information on our clients presented on each site. From there, we outreach to the appropriate data providers to either correct or update inaccurate information and follow up thereafter to ensure that it has been corrected.
Investor relations procedures and disclosure policies can be confusing and daunting for some management teams. We counsel senior management on general investor relations protocol and provide information on the latest rules and regulations affecting the Investor Relations industry when necessary.
There comes a time in every company where a crisis occurs and how that company reacts towards the crisis and the steps it takes afterwards will have a profound effect on the company bottom line and share price. We guide management on how to best navigate through troubled waters via communication tactics and help to mitigate losses to the company and the shareholders.

Financial Marketing

Marketing a company to an investor requires presenting the company in such a way that highlights its fundamentals, market opportunity, market penetration, financials and potential for growth. With a multi-disciplinary approach, our team assists each client in nimbly crafting their unique, compelling story that will touch on these important factors and resonate with investors and the investment community; and we support that story with expertly devised communications tools and materials essential for companies operating in today’s public markets.


We assist companies in developing key messaging strategies that will resonate with investors, analysts, media and social media followers. We aid in the development and/or optimization of a company’s core investor “pitch”. In conjunction with the senior management team, we work to construct and define the appropriate metrics by which a company should be judged by investors and communicate those metrics to the Street.
An effectively and strategically written press release, earnings release, shareholder letter, conference call script, etc can be powerful catalysts to any stock and are all important tools in communicating corporate accomplishments. We have extensive experienced in financial and corporate writing and editing and as such, are able to help our client’s produce and disseminate effective communication to the public.
We support management in the creating and/or editing of a succinct (20 minute) investor presentation and 2 page fact sheet that reflect the key fundamentals of a company’s business, market opportunities, growth strategy , financials and investment highlights. These materials are important tools for management to utilize in both IR and non-IR related functions.
A company’s website is a important communication and informational tool for institutional and individual investors as well as the media and other industry professionals. In this effort, we evaluate and provide consult on the effectiveness of a company’s current website and provide recommendations on improvement. If a company has an outdated website or is lacking a website, we work with management and selected providers to rework the current or create the new.
We have numerous media contacts and maintain a strategic approach to media development that ties into a company’s extensive investor relations and marketing objectives and that also showcases the investment and commercial opportunity of the business. Our comprehensive media relations program is custom-tailored to meet each clients specific needs and includes the following several core competences: story outreach and development, positioning and messaging, marketing new product launches, trade shows, etc.
With the advent and proliferation of social media throughout our world today, it’s become increasingly more important that a public company maintain a social media presence to become more assessable and better communicate with friends, followers and investors. We are experienced in helping companies create and/or optimize their social media profile so that it encompasses and showcases core aspects of the business, while consistently educating and engaging with its audience in a thoughtful manner. Some social media platforms that we recommend include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Capital Market Advisory

Evaluating the plethora of financial options available and making the right strategic decisions to expand can be cumbersome for many management teams. Our experience in capital raising and navigating the capital markets affords us the ability to advise our clients and help them choose the right path to growth, whether it be an IPO, acquisition, U.S. listing, etc. , while working to strengthen and maintain shareholder value and support.


We advise on potential avenues of raising money in the capital markets and provide introductions to multiple funding groups that have the ability to offer our clients a variety of options to suit their financing needs including IPOs, Private Placements, Structured Debt, etc.
We offer assistance in the due diligence process, including candidate screening as well as strategic introductions.
We maintain an in depth knowledge of current exchange requirements and make direct introductions to senior exchange officials and decision makers. In addition, we work with companies throughout the entire “uplisting” event including helping to coordinate the invite list and all other logistics with the exchange.
We provide introductions to multiple PAL (Principal American Liaisons) or DAD (Designated Advisors for Disclosure) sponsors. We also provide consult on how to effectively access, attract and properly communicate with US investors.
We conduct a thorough review of a company’s collateral material, website and disclosure material to ensure compliance with Western disclosure laws and practices.
We provide consult on best public speaking practices and ensure preparation for all 1×1 meetings as well as group presentations. Moreover we question and address key questions, concerns, and issues that may be brought up by U.S. investors during these meetings to ensure that management is prepared.

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