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American Capital Ventures, Inc. (ACV) was founded in 1999 to provide advisory and financial marketing services for emerging growth companies.



American Capital Ventures, Inc. (ACV) was founded in 1999 to provide advisory and financial marketing services for emerging growth companies. Over the course of the last twenty years ACV has introduced capital to it’s clients through it’s relationships with Investment Banking firms, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and High Net worth individuals. There are many well managed private and small-cap public companies with high growth potential that have difficulty in conveying their unique opportunity to the right people and building their visibility in the market. We take a hands-on, proactive approach with these companies. We help our clients identify obstacles to growth and provide sound advice on how best to overcome those obstacles; we assist in optimizing our client’s image and financial marketing tools; and in conjunction with management, we increase our client’s visibility in the marketplace.

American Capital Ventures

Our Mission


Since inception American Capital Venture has had one mission, to partner with incredible people to create value for investors and the world alike.  We seek out companies with ideas to innovate and improve and the people with the passion to make dreams into reality.

When the barrier between you and adoption of your improvements is capital and financial market cooperation, American Capital Venture is your solution.

Create Value

Influence Innovation

Our clients have successfully uplisted from the OTC Markets to the NASDAQ, gotten acquired and strengthened their overall methodology to build shareholder value.

Howard Gostfrand, Founder

Capital Markets Advisory


We are results-oriented professional boutique-consulting firm with a specialized focus in capital markets.

Financial Marketing


We deploy a holistic financial marketing strategy, each element adds to and builds on one another.

Investor Relations


We assist founders with investor relations and communicating with investors at every stage.

Venture Capital


Companies looking for an infusion of capital, can turn to American Capital Ventures.

When we started Moocho several years ago we needed a real professional to guide us through the capital raising process and the eventual pitfalls that come with growing a tech business. American Capital Ventures stepped up in a big way by introducing investors and capital and has continued to be a trusted advisor for the company.

Matt Levenson

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