Marketing a company to an investor requires presenting the company in such a way that highlights its fundamentals, market opportunity, market penetration, financials and potential for growth. With a multi-disciplinary approach, our team assists each client in nimbly crafting their unique, compelling story that will touch on these important factors and resonate with investors and the investment community; and we support that story with expertly devised communications tools and materials essential for companies operating in today’s public markets.


We assist companies in developing key messaging strategies that will resonate with investors, analysts, media and social media followers. We aid in the development and/or optimization of a company’s core investor “pitch”. In conjunction with the senior management team, we work to construct and define the appropriate metrics by which a company should be judged by investors and communicate those metrics to the Street.
An effectively and strategically written press release, earnings release, shareholder letter, conference call script, etc can be powerful catalysts to any stock and are all important tools in communicating corporate accomplishments. We have extensive experienced in financial and corporate writing and editing and as such, are able to help our client’s produce and disseminate effective communication to the public.
We support management in the creating and/or editing of a succinct (20 minute) investor presentation and 2 page fact sheet that reflect the key fundamentals of a company’s business, market opportunities, growth strategy , financials and investment highlights. These materials are important tools for management to utilize in both IR and non-IR related functions.
A company’s website is a important communication and informational tool for institutional and individual investors as well as the media and other industry professionals. In this effort, we evaluate and provide consult on the effectiveness of a company’s current website and provide recommendations on improvement. If a company has an outdated website or is lacking a website, we work with management and selected providers to rework the current or create the new.
We have numerous media contacts and maintain a strategic approach to media development that ties into a company’s extensive investor relations and marketing objectives and that also showcases the investment and commercial opportunity of the business. Our comprehensive media relations program is custom-tailored to meet each clients specific needs and includes the following several core competences: story outreach and development, positioning and messaging, marketing new product launches, trade shows, etc.
With the advent and proliferation of social media throughout our world today, it’s become increasingly more important that a public company maintain a social media presence to become more assessable and better communicate with friends, followers and investors. We are experienced in helping companies create and/or optimize their social media profile so that it encompasses and showcases core aspects of the business, while consistently educating and engaging with its audience in a thoughtful manner. Some social media platforms that we recommend include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.