Evaluating the plethora of financial options available and making the right strategic decisions to expand can be cumbersome for many management teams. Our experience in capital raising and navigating the capital markets affords us the ability to advise our clients and help them choose the right path to growth, whether it be an IPO, acquisition, U.S. listing, etc. , while working to strengthen and maintain shareholder value and support.


We advise on potential avenues of raising money in the capital markets and provide introductions to multiple funding groups that have the ability to offer our clients a variety of options to suit their financing needs including IPOs, Private Placements, Structured Debt, etc.
We offer assistance in the due diligence process, including candidate screening as well as strategic introductions.
We maintain an in depth knowledge of current exchange requirements and make direct introductions to senior exchange officials and decision makers. In addition, we work with companies throughout the entire “uplisting” event including helping to coordinate the invite list and all other logistics with the exchange.
We provide introductions to multiple PAL (Principal American Liaisons) or DAD (Designated Advisors for Disclosure) sponsors. We also provide consult on how to effectively access, attract and properly communicate with US investors.
We conduct a thorough review of a company’s collateral material, website and disclosure material to ensure compliance with Western disclosure laws and practices.
We provide consult on best public speaking practices and ensure preparation for all 1×1 meetings as well as group presentations. Moreover we question and address key questions, concerns, and issues that may be brought up by U.S. investors during these meetings to ensure that management is prepared.