A merican Capital Ventures, Inc. (ACV) was founded in 1999 to provide investor relations, financial marketing, and advisory services to help public companies in the small-cap and micro-cap market reach a fair market valuation.  There are many well managed small-cap and micro-cap companies with high growth potential that have difficulty in conveying their unique opportunity to the right people and building their visibility in the market.  We take a hands-on, proactive approach with these companies. In addition to providing investor relations services such as shareholder targeting and outreach, we help our clients identify obstacles to growth and provide sound advice on how best to overcome those obstacles; we assist in optimizing our client’s image and financial marketing tools; and in conjunction with management, we execute effective tactics to not only thoughtfully increase our client’s visibility in the market, but also to unlock value for their shareholders and to sustain their value long term.


To support companies in optimizing their investor relations initiatives and to help in identifying obstacles to growth and finding practical solutions to overcoming those obstacles. To collaborate with management on the execution of uniquely-tailored outreach strategies and proactive communication tools designed to bolster shareholder support, increase shareholder value and help the company achieve a proper valuation on their stock.
Our approach is simple and direct. We look at each company and their image as a public company in detail and from all angles. Based on our experience within the micro- and small-cap industry, we are able to identify a company’s obstacles to growth within the market and together with management, put sound outreach and communication strategies in place to proactively overcome these obstacles and enhance their public image.

Howard Gostfrand, President

Howard Gostfrand

Howard Gostfrand has been involved in the financial industry for over 19 years, and through it, developed strong, lasting ties with the investment community. As President and Founder of American Capital Ventures, Mr. Gostfrand has worked closely with public companies of various market capitalizations and diversified industries both domestic and international. His expertise lies in consulting and guiding micro- and small-cap companies to reach their full valuation through implemented corporate strategy, investor outreach, financial marketing initiatives and raising capital. He has assisted companies in raising in excess of $100 million since his career began.

Prior to founding ACV, he was a retail stock broker focused on small-cap companies, having worked in New York City, Washington D.C. and Miami. Mr. Gostfrand also founded Virtual Trading, Inc., a day trading firm which was then acquired by a publicly traded brokerage firm. Mr. Gostfrand has been a guest speaker at industry events and interviewed as an expert for IR specific financial publications. He is a member of the ‘Young Presidents Club of Mount Sinai Hospital’ in Miami Beach and involved in several charities. Mr. Gostfrand holds a B.S. in Marketing from Boston University. He is married with two children.